About Chris Marwood Photography

In many ways photography was a natural progression for Chris Marwood, who has a background in print and design. What began as a hobby ten years ago and then a natural 'add on' service for design clients has now become something of a vocation. 

The unusual and the unpredictable feature heavily in his work. He likes to capture movement and an interesting quality of light, both natural and artificial. While relishing the weird and wonderful, even in his commercial work which ranges from fashion shoots to product shots, he'll try to capture something refreshing and less predictable. 

Whether in a brochure, an advertisement, a newspaper article or on a website, nothing can lift a brand and reassure a potential customer more than smart, professional photography.

Look at any catalogue or product-led website - it's unlikely anyone would part with their money without seeing a clear representation of the product, perhaps from several angles. In a people-centred or service business, it's good for the potential customer to see in advance the faces of those they may be working with. This applies specifically to training organisations and the health/care sectors. Even with professional service, like banks and insurance companies, it's good to see a friendly corporate portrait next to an email address.

Chris Marwood Photography services include:

  • Model photoshoots
  • Dance, sports/fitness and movement photography
  • Location photography
  • Product shots for advertising and print
  • Retouching
  • Corporate portraits
  • Reportage photography
  • PR and events coverage

Please contact Chris direct to arrange a shoot or discuss a commission.....