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Morrisons Advert being filmed on the Pantiles, starring Richard Hammond

Tunbridge Wells and The Pantiles, in particular, was bustling recently with the arrival of a film crew shooting this year's Christmas advert for Morrisons. Parts of the Pantiles had been transformed into festive scenes for night-time filming. The activity attracted many onlookers hoping to get a glimpse of Richard 'Hamster' Hammond of Top Gear fame.

Richard (and stunt double) play the leading role in the advertisement, with Denise Van Outen also making an appearance. Rumours of Take That also being featured were unsubstantiated.

Set building for Morrisons advert

Part of the Morrisons advert crew

The set build, underway outside the Corn Exchange.

Negotiating and setting up the lights

The Torpedo Juice shop and CMP gallery got in on the act, as part of the background scene. The location manager Ben asked local shopkeepers if the crew could set up some window lighting.

Viewing the pictures at Torpedo Juice

And checked out the gallery while they were there...

Richard Hammond on set at The Pantiles

Richard Hammond on set.

Lighting up the outside of Torpedo Juice

Lighting outside the Torpedo Juice shop.

Fake snow being sprayed on the set

Bring on the snow... and the view on our doorstep.

Richard Hammond on Pantiles

Richard Hammond waiting for the first take of the night.

Extras take up their positions

Bring on more snow... the extras take their positions outside the TJ shop.

Roll the cameras

Action - the first take is filmed.

Richard Hammond sees double

At the end of the night, the lights are removed and Richard is seeing double.

Hammond leads the crowd

And a quick shot from the next night. Richard leads the crowd... look carefully for Denise Van Outen behind him.