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Royal Ballet Birmingham Photoshoot

Studio setup for ballet shoot

Torpedo Juice's in-house photographer Chris Marwood recently arranged a studio shoot with Tom Rogers of The Birmingham Royal Ballet. A far stretch from being a couch potato, Tom almost took flight in front of the lens. The studio sofa was utilised to give a sense of scale, illustrating the sheer height that Tom reached from effectively a standing start. Ed Bramall, joining Chris for a week's work experience, captured the shot being taken. He said, "It was great to see the set up of a professional studio.”

Tom Rogers

Photographing Chloe and Grace Bruce

At the end of August, Chris had the chance to photograph dancers and martial arts performers Grace Bruce and her sister Chloe Bruce who currently holds the world record for completing the most martial arts kicks in one minute. During an energetic and high flying session, Chris was able to capture some spectacular moves on camera.

This image, entitled Synchro, is currently on display and available as a limited edition 24x16 framed print at the Torpedo Juice shop on The Pantiles.

Synchro - Limited Edition Print at the Torpedo Juice Shop