News and Latest Photo Shoots

Green and Blacks Spiced Chilli and Sea Salt Chocolate Packshots

Two new flavours for Green and Blacks - Spiced Chilli and Sea Salt - mean new packshots for Chris to photograph. A nice contrast of colours produced some bold images when layered together. The chocolate tastes fab - well worth picking up a bar of each to try even if you don't think it'll be to your liking. The Chilli in particular has a lovely Christmassy aroma and is very warming for this autumnal time of year.

Portrait Photography for Chris Meaden Hypnotheraphy

Chris was asked to shoot some portraits of Chris and Linzi Meaden, for use on their hypnotherapy website and other marketing. The aim was to avoid the corporate look, and capture some natural and relaxed looking images. Whilst on location, Chris also had to provide some interior photography of the premises.

Green and Blacks Chocolate Easter Egg Collection Packshot Photography

Yummy yummy... lots of fabulous Easter egg packshots. These were photographed about 9 months prior to product release, but couldn't be shown here until now. The packaging was produced by the team at MediaFlo in Tunbridge Wells, prior to the main production run.