Location and studio photographer based in Tonbridge, Kent

Chris Marwood Photography

Chris Marwood offers relaxed and fun photoshoots specialising in portraits, headshots, fashion and dance plus he is more than happy to take on a quirky project. With a background in advertising he knows all about working to tight deadlines and delivering quality images when it counts.

UPDATE: Chris is no longer photographing commercially and now shoots on a volunteer basis for local organisations, clubs and projects.

Location or studio based – natural or artificial lighting


A selfie obsessed nation shows that portraits are still one of our favourite subjects out there. Everybody has a camera on their phone though, so why bother calling in a pro?

Simple – vision, experience, and to get a unique result that will last. Chris can use his skills with lighting on location or in the studio to capture images that you can be proud to have on your wall.

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, yada yada yada are all such disposable formats, will you have anything that will stand the test of time?

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For a more unique look

Location Shoots

Location, location, location… heard that before? Well it couldn’t be more apt with photography. Choosing the right setting has a big impact on the overall feel of your images. It can set a scene. It can tell a story. It’s a fantastic way to avoid the clinical studio look.

With all of the gorgeous Kent and Sussex countryside around us, there’s a wealth of locations out there just waiting to be used. For something more gritty and contemporary, a shoot in an urban environment may fit the bill.

Don’t discount having a home shoot – people often more comfortable in their own surroundings and this can help put a sitter at ease.

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Singles, couples, groups, or whoever!

Signature Studio Shoots

Chris uses his signature grey sweeping technique in the studio – a small step away from the more commonly found plain white background images.

Sure, he can do white as well as the rest of them, but every photographer should strive for their own look. His contrasty take on people photography yields something stylish and contemporary.

Studio sessions are productive and fun, and a broad range of looks can be achieved in a short space of time. Shoots in this style are very popular for model portfolios – clothing and skin tones can really pop against the background.

View some samples in the Signature Studio Portrait Gallery

Dance like nobody's watching

Dance, Fitness and Movement

It’s all in the timing! Dance photography is about freezing the right shape at the right moment in just thousandths of a second.

Equally, shooting at a relaxed pace is perfect for capturing gymnast and fitness poses.

Dance photography doesn’t have to be studio based, it can be shot on a location of your choice to make something really interesting.

Chris is experienced in working with amateurs and professional alike and he’ll strive to catch the perfect frames for you – capturing motion is something of a passion.

Check out some of the examples in the Dance Photography Gallery

Heads up!

Corporate portraits and headshots

In a people-centred or service business, it’s good for any potential customer to see in advance the faces of those they may be working with. A friendly corporate portrait next to an email address gives a human, personal connection which is very reassuring.

Chris can photograph with flash on location as a conventional headshot, or in a more contemporary style depending on your end usage. Some clients like to have a longer session with different styles shot on the day so they have extras in the bag.

Avoid those gurning pictures taken on your webcam and present a professional image.

You’ll find some samples in the Location Headshots & PR Gallery

Business to business

Commercial Photography

Stock photography can only take a business so far.

If you have a unique product to sell, an office or home to show off, have an ongoing project that needs documenting or require images for printed literature, it’s worth getting the job done properly.

With his inside knowledge of the print and media industry, Chris can shoot products and packshots to fulfill a brief or visit locations to grab the bigger picture.

A small selection of Chris’s images can be seen in the Commercial Photography Gallery