Birmingham Royal Ballet Shoot

One professional ballet dancer + several hours studio photography = stunning images.

Tom Rogers Birmingham Royal Ballet

Portfolio shots for Birmingham Royal Ballet Soloist

Tom Rogers

It’s not every day you get the chance to shoot with a professional from the Royal Birmingham Ballet!

“It makes a real change to shoot a male dancer, and it’s a rare skill to find” says Chris.

“It pays to have a decent size studio to work in for this kind of gig. Tom was really involved and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve in his poses, which made my life a lot easier.

He’d seen my dance portfolio via a friend of his, a fashion model that I had worked with before and had decided that my ‘look’ was right for him. I used my signature setup for the majority of the images as the contrasty lighting really highlights muscle tone, shape and form.

Then we had a bit of fun shooting against a white background. We used the sofa as a reference point to show the height of Tom’s jumps. It was pretty cool, and quite unbelievable to watch. It’s a challenge to get the timing right, but the results speaks for themselves.”

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